Would you dive into the world’s deepest pool? 

Deep Dive Dubai premieres the world’s deepest pool featuring an underwater playground for a truly unique international diving destination for diving enthusiasts.  

If you experience thalassophobia, better known as a phobia of deep bodies of water, then keep reading to face your fear by exploring the deepest pool in the world. The world’s biggest pool at Deep Dive Dubai features the world’s deepest pool, where diving enthusiasts can swim through a massive sunken city-themed landscape. 

The unique diving pool allows divers to explore 197 feet into a sunken city featuring unique levels, including the front of a marketplace, abandoned art gallery, walls adorned with graffiti art, library, arcade (complete with functioning foosball table), a jungle, billiard room, and more. The multi-themed facility takes several dives to see everything, according to the owners. 

If you are not a huge fan of diving, spectators can watch divers from two air-filled dry rooms experience the amazing sunken city. This massive pool equates to six Olympic-sized swimming pools over 46 feet (15 meters) deeper than any other pool in the world containing over 3.6 million gallons (14 million liters) of water. 

The pool is currently available by invitation only but plans to open the world’s deepest pool to the public in late July for divers ages 10 years or older. Deep Dive Dubai discloses the freshwater pool is indoors and conditioned at 86 degrees Fahrenheit for comfortable diving. The pool is equipped with 56 cameras to ensure diver safety and the facility features a hyperbaric chamber in case of an emergency that can fit up to 12 people


Following fad diets is the quickest way to see dramatic changes in your body weight. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon but consult a nutritionist first to know if it’s made for you. There is a range of fad diets that people now follow for a few months to lose weight instantly and get back into shape. The diets are not lifelong and should only be followed for a few months. Here are 4 best fad diets that work and have high success rates to get you started! 

Vegan Diet

Vegan food products and Vegan diets have become very popular among people looking to lose drastic weight. This diet is based on plant-based foods and is praised for being a more ethical way of eating. Many have criticized it for not being nutritious enough because this diet contains no animal product at all. Following a vegan diet may also prevent potential heart diseases and promotes a healthier lifestyle. However, because so many processed vegan options are available on the go in supermarkets now doesn’t mean they all promote weight loss. It is unlikely you would lose weight if you consume those as a vegan option. Instead of buying processed items, meal prep at home for the week! Examples of vegan options are fruits, vegetables, lentils, rice, vegan pasta, soy milk, etc. 

Ketogenic Diet

We’ve probably come across the word “keto” a lot these days. It is one of the most popular and effective ways to reduce weight today. Its main goal is to keep your body in a state called ketosis. Our body’s primary fuel source is sugar and carbs. It taps into it when it wants energy. But in a state of ketosis, we go onto ketones instead of carbs. It does this by lowering levels of insulin. Ketones are compounds made from fatty acids, and our body then burns them for energy resulting in weight loss. This diet ensures 30g of carbs per day only to keep our body in ketosis. This diet has been shown to reduce belly fat and obesity among people. 

Paleo Diet

The paleolithic diet follows the diets hunters and gathers had centuries ago. It is a diet that restricts processed foods and promotes an organic, unprocessed variety of plants and animal foods. It restricts foods such as dairy, legumes, and grains. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and reduces the buildup of fat in bodies that can lead to obesity. It is not entirely possible to follow our ancestral diet, but nutritionists provide us with the best options available in this time of era. 

Gluten-free Diet

This diet was first prescribed to only those with celiac disease or sensitivities to gluten, but it is now trending among people looking for ways to lose weight. They are both low in carbs and restrict gluten, such as bread, doughnuts, cakes, etc. Avoiding these and finding gluten-free alternatives promote weight loss. 

Which one is for you?

All of these types of fad diets work, but choose the one that fits your lifestyle and taste. See what products are available and what diet you can easily follow without a hassle. These will help you get into shape in no time.