Snag these freebies at Disney theme parks 

The most magical place on earth Disneyland and Disney World can also be pretty pricey but with these clever theme park hacks, you can snag some free swag. 

The Disney theme parks are truly magical for all who visit, but a theme park vacation can get expensive quickly. It might seem impossible, but if you know your way around the loopholes for Disney theme parks, you’ll be able to access some exclusive freebies. 

One TikTok user accidentally violated the dress code wearing a revealing top that showed a small portion of cleavage. Instead of being turned away, the Disney staff offered her a special deal for a free shirt. Upon her entrance into Magic Kingdom, the staff wrote a special note on her ticket to get a free shirt at the nearest gift shop. This visitor was lucky as Disney “reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests” according to the Disney World Help Center.

Another way to score some Disney freebies is by wearing a Disney birthday button that you can get for free at customer services or any gift store in the theme park that gets you a ton of freebies and special treatment around the park. You’ll get free desserts at every restaurant you visit, and you also get a free square of chocolate at the Ghirardelli store, according to Myricle on TikTok. You can also get a picture with Mickey and Minnie wearing cute celebration outfits at Town Hall. 

All Disney theme parks offer a full-service Baby Care facility that is complimentary for guests with amenities including: private nursing room with rocking chairs, changing room with tables with a unisex bathroom, feeding area with highchairs, a main room similar to a relaxing living room, and a full appliance kitchen. Another helpful freebie in Disney parks is complimentary water at any counter service restaurant or refreshment stand, and kids under 3 eat free at Disney restaurants.