Behold The Natural Wonders Of Egypt

The Egyptian culture dates back thousands of years in 3,000 BCE as historical records indicate Egypt was formed as a unified state around 3,150 BCE. You might know about the great pyramids and monumental statues but there is more to this long-lineage civilization.
One of the unknown wonders of Egypt is the Salt Lakes located in the Siwa Oasis with massive salt formations instead of sand throughout a series of mini lakes where visitors can float without trying, like the Dead Sea. Another big travel destination for Egypt is the Nile River. 

Some like to enjoy the Nile River from land but there are inexpensive river cruises on the Nile River so you can enjoy laying out in the sun while cruising down the historic river. The MS Princess Sarah Nile Cruise offers guests a unique tour of the Nile River starting at $45 per night with the best option being the three-night cruise with amenities of included meals, a rooftop pool, and guides of tours of the beautiful temples that stop along the route.
Another fun activity is taking a hot air balloon ride over the city of Luxor with the best time being at sunrise with aerial views of temples as they begin to light up. Travelers can also visit the Valley of the Kings that is a massive archaeological site with tombs of 63 Pharaohs with guests are able to explore the tombs that are well preserved and is better than any museum experience.
The capital city of Egypt is Cairo that is one of the heavily populated areas of Egypt and is also home to the Khan el-Khalil Market where travelers can find whatever they need in the massive marketplace. The eastern city of Dahab sits on the Red Sea and is known as being one of the best diving spots in the world.
Another hot spot in Dahab for diving is the Blue Hole featuring some of the most colorful coral and fish in the world but is also considered one of the deadliest dive spots in the world. There are several memorial plaques of people who have lost their lives diving the Blue Hole to commemorate the lost lives and heed caution on visitors.
Dahab also offers more attractions like renting inexpensive ATVs for touring around and a bustling downtown district. From Dahab, travelers can hop a boat to the Blue Lagoon featuring ultra-blue water on the Dead Sea with the option of tanning on the beach, swimming in the clear water, or being adventurous with kite surfing.
The beach town of Sharm El Sheikh offers more than gorgeous beaches with bustling markets, relaxing at a beachside resort, and even renting an inexpensive private speed boat for touring around on the water. One attraction that shouldn’t be looked over is going to a Bedouin Party that celebrates mountain life with fire shows, dancing, light shows, and even an after-party.
In the city of Edfu, one of the best ways to see the sights or get around town is by horse and carriage, seeing the city while taking a blast from the past. Nubian Village in Aswan is known for its colorful architecture with local shops, restaurants, and colorful picturesque streets.
Travel back to ancient Egypt at the Luxor Temple that dates back to 3,500 years ago and is a legend to be the place where many pharaohs of Egypt were crowned. Fatnis Island also known as Fantasy Island is a destination off the beaten path where visitors can ride bikes from the Siwa town center to swim in the fresh spring surrounding the island or enjoy the scenery from one of the over-the-water huts.
Another destination in Siwa is the Mountain of the Dead that is a prominent archeological site that is open to the public featuring ancient graves carved into every corner of the mountain. One of the most visited destinations is the world-famous pyramids of Giza featuring massive ancient structures that don’t do justice through pictures. There’s more to Egypt than meets the eye and more wonders to explore giving insight into an ancient civilization with beautiful natural scenery.