Try These Tips For Taking Better Photos 

The best way to get your photo taken is to just be photogenic. Thank you for reading this enlightening piece.  

Of course, not everyone has been blessed with the genes of good portraits. So what do we do now? Well, as a fellow non-photogenic person, I may have just the tips you need to get a good-quality photo that captures you in your element.   

The Photographer Matters  

Believe it or not, the person behind the lens matters immensely. It is so important to be comfortable around your photographer.  

If the photographer is the rigid kind, it is highly likely that you will not be able to relax in their presence. You want the photograph to capture who you really are, and to do that, you need a photographer whom you can be yourself with.   

Relax And Get In Your Element  

Take a few deep breaths and let any concerns and nervousness you have about the photoshoot melt away with each exhalation. Talk to the people around you, get friendly with the photographer, and just try to be comfortable.  

If you are nervous and stiff, no matter how good the photographer is, they will only be able to capture your stiffness. It is highly likely you will not be able to get the photograph you want if you are stiff and uncomfortable.   

Bring Someone You’re Comfortable With  

It helps to have a friend around. Bring someone you are super comfortable with. Get a little tipsy with them, just enough to let loose for a bit. Stir up some conversation, talk about things that make you laugh, and just try to have a good time.  

Having a comforting presence can really help to bring out the real you. It is possible that in the middle of your shenanigans, the photographer finds exactly the pose that you need from the shoot.   

Move Around A Bit

In the middle of a shoot, people sometimes become hyper-aware of the lens and start fidgeting. They suddenly have no idea what to do with their hands, how to position their legs, how to tilt their face, or anything of the sort.  

So, try to shift every now and then before the awareness kicks in! Try to move, sit, stand, be silly, or just start practicing your signature dance moves. Okay, just regular dance moves would do too. It will really help you let loose and help you with posing.  

Experiment A Little  

Photoshoots can be super long. While it can be draining, it can also be the perfect opportunity to find your signature pose. So start experimenting a little. Cross your legs, start dabbing, or strike a fabulous pose. Pretend you’re on the red carpet, and it is time to be fabulous.  

Experiments may fail at first but even if you do not figure out what works, at least you will know what doesn’t! Also, experimenting will truly help you understand what your best side or better features are.