The most delicate theme park in the world

South Korea has a secret hidden gem of an attraction drawing visitors from around the world at the Jeju Glass Castle theme park featuring a variety glass sculptures. 

Building the Little Island on the Hudson River was no easy feat for the investor mega-mogul Barry Diller costing nearly $260 million to develop the 2.4 pet acre project. Diller also had to face a legal challenge as nothing in New York can be built without a struggle with many documents required to start construction and opponents battling in court for year against the Little Island project.  

The project was designed to replace Pier 54 on Manhattan’s West Side due to the historical significance of the pier. In 1912, the R.M.S. Carpathia transported the survivors of the Titanic to New York at Pier 54 that eventually was used as a venue for concerts until the foundation started to crumble and had to be closed.  

Following the announcement of the development project for Little Island, Diller was faced with a series of legal challenges with the Hudson River Park Trust. Ultimately the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo rescued the project with public commitments to enhance protections for wildlife habitats and improve parts of the 550-acre Hudson River Park.  

Little Island will host events with a 687-seat amphitheater overlooking the water where visitors can watch the sunset while enjoying some cocktails. When the park opens, Little Island will serve as a venue for hundreds of free and modestly prices concerts, dance, and children’s programs.