Hand-made boats race in wacky Danube River race 

The Danube River in Harta, Hungary is gaining international attention for its annual wacky river race where contestants make rafts out of water-safe materials. 

Imagine being handed a pile of random objects to turn into a racing boat. If you think it’s impossible witness the wacky Danube River race in Harta, Hungary.

Contestants accept the challenge of creating a raft from rubbish including pizza boxes, bike parts, plastic bottles, and empty barrels. The goal is creating a watercraft that will not only float but stay afloat while racing against competitors.

The 2021 Daube river race featured 16 competitors racing on hand-build vessels to see who crosses the finish line first without the makeshift boat sinking. The rules specify contestants aren’t allowed to use canoes, boats, kayaks, or any material that could damage the environment to build their makeshift rafts.  

The Captain of team Pizza Boat, Atilla Szollosi, calls his team crazy so attempting this challenge was an easy decision to make adding that the whole team likes the river and are fans of the village. Szollosi expresses the most important part of participating in this competition is to have some fun and a good laugh with his team.

Another team captain for the Babewatch Boat, Viktor Szollosi, discloses that he takes part in the wacky race every year and the event is a great way to bring people together for a good laugh. Teams must transport in their watercraft through a 400-meter course while staying afloat.