Barcelona Offers People With Disabilities A Unique Beach Experience 

One beach in Barcelona is offering a truly inclusive seaside experience for people with disabilities for a fun and safe day at the beach. A crew of nine specially trained lifeguards helps disabled people enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience with safety protocols so everyone can enjoy a day at the beach. 

The volunteers use amphibious chairs and help them navigate the water safely. The Nova Icaria beach offers special facilities to help disabled visitors including a specially designed dressing room equipped with a lifting crane for assistance.

Disabled visitors are ensured a safe experience and the beach is supplied with a variety of flotation devices so visitors can enjoy the sea safely. On Nova Icaria beach, there is a section designated for handicapped people so they don’t drift into deeper water.

The coordinator of the team of lifeguards, Gisela Ocampos, explained her job is gratifying to work because if this accessible bear didn’t exist as disable people wouldn’t be able to experience the water with most disable people limited to see the ocean and are unable to swim. The Nove Icariabeach also features a ramp for handicapped visitors to be escorted in and out of the water with the assistance of the lifeguards.

The idea for this all-inclusive beach was established by Barcelona city hall and due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors will need to make reservations before visiting the beach that also ensures the safety of the lifeguards and visitors. All the participants of the program are excited to have a place to enjoy a day at the beach safely and Nova Icaria beach is serving as an example to beaches around the world to make amore inclusive experience for all.